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First Date Beauty Tips

Updated: May 11, 2023

”Life is too short, and its up to you to make it sweet” - Sadie Delany

SMOOCH Beauty offers affordable luxury and believes in having fun at any age. Founded by Alisha Ramasar, SMOOCH Beauty is one of the good things that came out of lock down.

Experiences of love and romance is almost second-nature to our psyche. The first date will always have us questioning, "what do I wear?" "How will I have my make-up done?". Too often, women underestimate the power of their natural beauty, once self-love has become the pinnacle of our relationships, we will find it much easier to be ourselves and how we choose to express our creativity and the essence of our natural beauty. The first date will be a breeze! Here are some unique beauty tips that will have your first date fall weak to the knees.

A good skincare routine

Start your evening (or day) off with a good skincare routine. Depending on your skincare regime, taking care of the essence of your skin is key to enhancing your natural beauty before any make-up is applied. This also contributes to good hygiene which will elevate your confidence.

Enhance your natural features

A fresh natural skin is always a winner. Unless it's 'you', don't go heavy on the foundation.

Avoid wearing red lipstick

Although red lipstick signifies bold and classy, you want to appear more soft and feminine. Instead, go for undertones that are well suited to your skin complexion.

Magnify those lashes

Enhance your lashes by applying mascara or applying false lashes that are more on the natural side. Remember: you don't want your date to be caught by surprise should there be a second date and you choose to rock your natural eye lashes. Instead, you want your natural femininity and beauty to be of a pleasant surprise.


There is no beauty more stunning than just staying true to YOURSELF. When you are being yourself, your date will sense that you are completely comfortable in your own skin which will only add to the level of attractiveness that you naturally exude.

Outer beauty is not the key ingredient to a successful first date, but it definitely plays a part in the way we carry ourselves as a result of self-image and presentation. Enjoy all that makes life as sweet as the feeling you get from a first date.




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